The Hotel Seiryu Kyoto Kiyomizu, located on the lush hillside of Higashiyama, offers you a comfortable stay and the stunning panorama of the city of Kyoto. We deliver a new and exciting experience in a historic building that has served as a school for over 80 years.

Concept“Carving the future out of history”

Kiyomizu Elementary School opened in 1869, and was then relocated into this very building, newly constructed for that purpose in 1933. The hotel still holds on to the unique characteristics of the building located onto a slope, and the tasteful combination of Japanese and Western aesthetics. It encapsulates the taste of its traditional design in a modern, comfortable space. Its wonderful view and its location, convenient for sightseeing, are sure to offer you a memorable stay in Kyoto.

The building, boasting an easily recognizable exterior, plays an important role in establishing the overall landscape of the area. While serving as a school, it has also worked as a gathering spot for local authorities and traditional communities over the years. The hotel will continue to connect with the community, carefully passing on this history while carving new experiences for the future out of it.

The surroundings – Access

The hotel is surrounded by many attractions and historic sites, including national treasures and important cultural sites. Some examples are Kiyomizu-dera temple and Yasaka Pagoda at Hokanji Temple, which are located within walking distance. In addition, during your stay, you will be able to enjoy Kyoto’s atmosphere without having to leave the premises, with the lounges, gardens, art works, and more.


Experience Japanese hospitality in our elegant rooms where all details have been carefully considered. All of our guests can enjoy the simple and modern design that hints at the building’s history, with the interior design tailored to the characteristics of each room.


Our restaurant in the premises, Benoit Kyoto, is supervised by Ducasse Paris, which operates Michelin-starred restaurants throughout the world. It offers modern bistro cuisine incorporating seasonal flavors and ingredients. The breakfast restaurant in the hotel serves meals made with Kyoto-grown ingredients and It offers a Western style breakfast in which you can choose your main dish, or a Japanese style breakfast.


In the rooftop bar, you can taste rare and delicious drinks while enjoying the view of Yasaka Pagoda at Hokanji Temple below. Kyoto bartender Minoru Nishida, famous for establishing several bars in the city, including “K6”, participated in the planning of this rooftop venue where you will be able to drink the most exquisite varieties of wine and whiskey. There is also an indoor bar, supervised by Mr. Nishida as well.


The hotel has several facilities prepared to make your stay more enjoyable. You can rejuvenate yourself in the Fitness Gym and private bath, feast on the incredible panorama from the guest lounge, or relax in the elegant open terrace.