In the rooftop bar, you can taste rare and delicious drinks while enjoying the view of Yasaka Pagoda below. Kyoto bartender Minoru Nishida, famous for establishing several bars in the city, including “K6”, participated in the planning of this rooftop venue where you will be able to drink the most exquisite varieties of wine and whiskey. There is also an indoor bar, supervised by Mr. Nishida as well.

Rooftop Bar

You have a grandstand view including mountains and towns at the rooftop bar.
Mr. Minoru Nishida, who is active in Kyoto and is one of top bartenders in Japan, participated in the planning of this rooftop venue.
You can enjoy the four seasons in Kyoto, including blooming flowers and autumn leaves in the best location.
You can enjoy carefully selected dishes comparable to high-class restaurants, looking at of Yasaka Pagoda and Gozan mountains.


Like the K36 Rooftop Bar, this bar is also supervised by Minoru Nishida. The fine space can also be used as a refined social venue.

Business hours: From 2:00 P.M. to 2:00 A.M.