Our restaurant, Benoit Kyoto, is supervised by Ducasse Paris, which operates Michelin-starred restaurants throughout the world. It offers modern bistro cuisine incorporating seasonal flavors and ingredients. In the restaurant library the hotel seiryu, guests can choose from either Western or Japanese style breakfasts.

Benoit Kyoto

One hundred years after opening its doors in Paris in 1912, Benoit remains a warm and cozy restaurant loved by its Parisian customers. Since taking over the bistrot in 2005, Ducasse Paris has brought a breath of fresh air to the traditional restaurant, while spreading its esprit to locations in Tokyo, New York and now Kyoto in 2020.

A beautiful building

French and Japanese aesthetics come together in this modern yet traditional building to create a beautiful and authentic bistro. The building’s original atmosphere is preserved and enhanced with black boiserie around the kitchen, making the entrance and dining hall all the more memorable.
The furniture, counter, and bar are original French antiques either used as bought from sellers in France or restored to perfection. The Carl Hansen chairs add to the contemporary look of the restaurant.


Executive Chef Akita Hideki studied the spirit of Bernard Loiseau at Kobe Kitano Hotel, then honed his skills at Le Meurice in Paris and Le Petit Nice Passedat in Marseille. In 2020, he joined the Ducasse Paris team at Muni Alain Ducasse in Arashiyama, Kyoto, where he was inspired by the cuisine and spirit of Alain Ducasse. In July 2023, we was appointed as the chef of Benoit Kyoto.


Benoit’s menu boasts traditional French bistro fare mixed with modern interpretations. Guests can choose from a prix-fixe menu focused on market ingredients. There is also an a la carte menu, for those who wish to order items one by one. It is also useful for adding one’s favorite items to the course menu. Enjoy bistro classics as well as contemporary dishes and desserts. We also offer afternoon tea at tea time. Enjoy desserts made using the bistro classic savarin and seasonal fruits, or chocolates made with Le Chocolat Alan Ducasse.

Ducasse Paris

With more than thirty restaurants in ten countries, from authentic bistros and casual brasseries to three Michelin starred restaurants, a network of more than 500 Hôtels & Restaurants in Europe called Les Collectionneurs, an international Education division in culinary and pastry arts in partnership with Sommet Education, handmade bean-to-bar chocolate shops, handmade bean-to-cup coffee shops, Alain Ducasse developed in thirty years a different vision of the food service and hospitality industry regrouped under Ducasse Paris, he founded in 1999.

restaurant library the hotel seiryu

With the theme of “well-being”, a concept meaning that both the mind and body are in good condition,we serve a “breakfast for learning” unique to this restaurant inside a former school building, which incorporates health-conscious ingredients into the meal with which you start your day.
The former auditorium with its high ceiling, and the space surrounding guests with books, are reminiscent of the days when the establishment was still a school. It can be used not only as a restaurant, but also as a multi-purpose space.